About Us

About Us
Empowering Tomorrow,
Connecting Today

At INFIDAWN, we envision a future where connectivity seamlessly intertwines with daily life, revolutionizing industries and enriching experiences.

Our journey commenced in 2014 as a semiconductor agency, marking the foundation of our unwavering commitment to technological innovation. INFIDAWN, a name inspired by the concept of infinity and the promise of new hope with each passing day, encapsulates our vision as a company poised for transformative growth in the IoT industry. Evolving into the IoT landscape with RFID integrations, INFIDAWN represents a boundless horizon of possibilities. Rooted in the ethos of unlearning and relearning, the spirit of our four directors propels us forward.

About Us
Our journey

Our journey is characterized by a commitment not only to selling products but also to understanding and catering to the unique needs of our customers. Stepping into the IoT realm, beginning with RFID integrations and leveraging our skilled inhouse IT team for custom programming and platform development, our mission is to epitomize the essence of "Understand, Solutions, Quality." We prioritize providing solutions tailored to our customers' needs, ensuring that what we deliver aligns seamlessly with their objectives. We believe in the power of partnerships and the principle that our relationship with customers should yield outcomes where 1+1 is greater than 2—a true win-win situation. INFIDAWN aspires to be not only a leading IoT company but also a trusted community partner.

About Us
Our core values

Our core values, centered around trust and quality, guide every aspect of our operations. We envision ourselves as facilitators of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, helping diverse fields transition smoothly into Industry 4.0. Our commitment to listening, understanding, and customizing optimal solutions positions us as leaders who genuinely care about our customers' success. Believing in the potential for mutual growth, we foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. INFIDAWN isn't just about building IoT solutions; it is about building trust and relationships that endure. Our ultimate goal is to be the foremost IoT company, excelling not only in technological innovation but also in the hearts of everyone we serve.

Where the infinite possibilities of IoT meet the genuine commitment to customer success.
Our Campany
Bring the best equipment and products to our customers. To be a world-class preferred agent/supplier. Provide quality sales service, assembly and precision engineering industries.
Our Campany
Core Value
Our Campany
Understand Customer Needs
Provide Customers With Good Solutions
Provide Quality Products And Services
We provide the best solutions for you and your projects, ensuring your success in a rapidly evolving world.
While others remain stagnant, our online enquiry service is always active. Contact us for free enquiries 24/7.
Our exceptional team from Infidawn delivers outstanding service promptly and efficiently.
Our fast support adapts to your needs, with our professional team ready to provide onsite assistance whenever you require it.
We are very pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for a long time now as well as those who are new to the Infidawn Technology. We marks our annual dinner and others events, we are proud to be able to host it.